Interlude: The aki’Pedia

So this morning, for lack of anything better to do, I started to create a wiki for The Final Fall of Man, the up-coming Book of Pinian series and all allied publications.

I call it … The aki’Pedia.

That revelation would have been cooler without the blog post title, but I think the title needs to be there and it needs to have the wiki name and I still needed to link to the thing, I don’t know, I may be overthinking it.

Go easy on me, I’m still very much in the pottering-around phase with this. And I suppose, this being a wiki, basically anyone can edit it … well, I fixed that at least so it’s only open to moderators. I guess I can change that later, if I want to get into the spirit of the whole wiki thing. I’m not an expert so I’m not sure what sort of line I should have there. It’s not as if I’m likely to get a bunch of people wanting to edit and create pages anyway.

Still, that’s today’s interludeworthy news.

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