Interlude: Humanity

If you ever feel like doubting that humanity’s sole superpower is the ability to personify things and then make Adversaries or Gods from them … just get online and look at what we’ve decided to think of “2016”.

In other human-news, you can pre-order my book here:

I would have released this year, but Amazon sales peak in mid-Jan. And also, fuck 2016. Just fuck it so hard.

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9 Responses to Interlude: Humanity

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  2. ohilya says:

    In other news, I’ve finally gotten back into the habit of writing. Have finally started breathing life back into

    Look what happens when a person quits their misery-inducing job! Oorah!

    • stchucky says:

      I love your blog title. It’s just close enough to the Finnish (abbreviated) phrase “oo hiljaa” – “be quiet / shut up”.

      • ohilya says:

        Naaww, thanks!

        I actually wrote this post at another site/provider I was mucking around with ( but have moved the content, what little there is, over here. As makes sense for who I am; was a failed attempt at getting my feet back into the writing thing, and failed miserably. Also, I think I just prefer the WordPress UI. And is funny, because so many people are always saying “Oh Ilya”. And then shaking their heads, be it from amusement or frustration or some other complicated amalgamation of feelings.

      • stchucky says:

        It is rather perfect on a number of levels. And it has continuity that I sorely need in these troubled times.

      • ohilya says:


        Do explain.

      • stchucky says:

        You mean about the blog name being perfect? Well like you say, it sums up your thought-provoking, questioning, sometimes-exasperating nature. It’s short and punchy. It has your name in it. It has that whole “shut up in Finnish” thing going for it. Levels.

        If you mean about the continuity, I just mean – well, shit’s falling apart, yo. It’s nice to have an example or two of things that are just enduring and carrying on.

      • ohilya says:


        I getcha now.

        I’ve now purchased a notebook that I carry on me, where I can write down things I want to write about, in terms of blog-y stuff, to help soothe me back into the writing shtick.

        It’s at the very least something to do.

        Between that and going to the gym more regularly while I job hunt (after a much-needed two week break after I wrap up at the end of January), it should at the very least help keep my creative muscles active, which…the last three years have been anything but.

      • ohilya says:

        A friend said “that’s strangely accurate!”

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