Interlude: Tank Wizard

Sudenly ran out of time today, but here’s an amusing aside.

Technical writing has helped my creative writing, not just in a sense of actual language skill and accuracy and vocabulary and consistency – you know, the “technical” bit – but in other ways that aren’t immediately apparent.

The work itself is inherently uncreative, which leaves my mind sort of hangry by the end of a normal day. It means I’m ready to just make up crazy shit and not stop until my six-year-old tells me I’m being weird.

But there are other inspirations one can draw from. Did you know, for example, that a twistlock is actually a component of a container-lifting crane?

Today, I’ve mostly been writing user interface stuff, and there have been a lot of wizards. My favourite one has to be the Tank Wizard.

I’m not sure what sort of character this guy (or gal) would be. It may be an actual wizard who has a tank, sort of like Tank Girl with magic. Believe it or not (and by this stage I hope you do), there’s actually room in at least one of my serieses for a wizard in a tank.

Or it could be the more Dune-classical magic-user in an aquarium-style tank, because the use of magical energies from beyond and the interaction with strange realms and beings has so altered the wizard that he (or she) is no longer capable of living in a normal air environment. Such is the price of magic. Plenty of room for this in my writing, and I will have to make a proper note of it.

Then there’s the old-school roleplaying variant, which is a magic-user so buffed that he (or she) can play the role of the tank in a dungeon party, leading the way into battle and just smashing the fuck out of everything while swords and arrows and spells just bounce off his (or her) magic-enhanced hide. Such a magic-user would, I believe, have to be a more hands-on caster, altering his (or her) own body rather than just using magic at a distance. A demonic transformation or something, I think, would make for an excellent (if risky) meat shield.

Tank Wizard.

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4 Responses to Interlude: Tank Wizard

  1. stchucky says:

    “Follow the directions the Tank Wizard provides.”

    You know what? I believe I will do just fucking that.

  2. dreameling says:

    The old-school variant is pretty much the kind of overpowered character I always wanna play. Harder in pen-and-paper, because DMs [1], but in CRPGs you can thankfully cheat a little.

    [1] “Gameplay balance, Timo.” Pffft.

  3. brknwntr says:

    No, game play balance is for people who don’t like having fun. Play on dreaming, play on.

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