Interlude: Christmas Shoppin’

Not a lot to report again. Last night’s Westworld marathon was brilliant[1], with an amazing dinner of jugged hare that Mr. BRKN shot (with a bow!) in the field in front of our house in our front yard, for the purposes of strict legality.

[1] What a series of twists, what a cool story. I’m going to have to watch it again now that I know roughly what’s going on, and also so I can hear more than 17% of what’s happening. Why do we try to watch complicated-arse shows with noisy-arse people? Oh right, because they’re excellent people. But still, I’ll be rewatching.

The hare was delicious, well-cooked by Mrs. Hatboy, the wine and gin and snacks were great, and … okay, the salty liquorice potato chips[2] were pretty awful, but the rest was nice.

[2] Seriously.

Today, we Christmas shopped. Majority of prezzies taken care of, cards posted to the rellies in Australia, and a free lunch at Burger King[3]. Still a few things to post, and a few things to take care of, but very pleased with the progress.

[3] For real. A Trainee (not his real name) at Burger King last time messed up my order, giving me a Whopper with cheese instead of a double Whopper with cheese. I asked for the right burger, and they gave me a double Whopper without cheese. I asked for the right burger again, and got the right burger and a pair of free meal coupons. Which Mrs. Hatboy and I ate today. Also I filled out the online questionnaire so I get a free Whopper next time, too. God, I’m a tightarse and I love it.

Tonight, the final Harry Potter movie on DVD with Wump.

About Hatboy

I’m not often driven to introspection or reflection, but the question does come up sometimes. The big question. So big, there’s just no containing it within the puny boundaries of a single set of punctuationary bookends. Who are these mysterious and unsung heroes of obscurity and shadow? What is their origin story? Do they have a prequel trilogy? What are their secret identities? What are their public identities, for that matter? What are their powers? Their abilities? Their haunted pasts and troubled futures? Their modus operandi? Where do they live anyway, and when? What do they do for a living? Do they really have these fantastical adventures, or is it a dazzlingly intellectual and overwrought metaphor? Or is it perhaps a smug and post-modern sort of metaphor? Is it a plain stupid metaphor, hedged around with thick wads of plausible deniability, a soap bubble of illusory plot dependent upon readers who don’t dare question it for fear of looking foolish? A flight of fancy, having dozed off in front of the television during an episode of something suitably spaceship-oriented? Do they have a quest, a handler, a mission statement, a department-level development objective in five stages? I am Hatboy.
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7 Responses to Interlude: Christmas Shoppin’

  1. brknwntr says:

    I was mostly quiet, I admit I jumped in a couple times when I knew a twist was coming, and I am truly apologetic for that, but I was mostly quiet.

    • stchucky says:

      Hey, most of the noise you were making was related to Walder body-slamming you, so you get a full pardon.

      And by “pardon”, I mean “pardon, I didn’t hear that whole set of dialogue because of the goddamn roaring and shrieking and oh fuck this, just fuck it.”

      Seriously though, I also apologise here in semi-public, for the instances of temper-loss on my part.

      • brknwntr says:

        Nah you were good.

      • stchucky says:

        I wasn’t sure if Vuta would agree with you after I interrupted his mobile phone data connection speed monologue with “are Mrs. Hatboy and I the only ones who haven’t seen this or what?”

        Fortunately, Bella backed my play with a classic, “No, I’m trying to fucking hear it too.”

      • brknwntr says:

        Oh, well maybe I have a higher tolerance for *annoyed outburst* cause I thought that one was funny. Although on point. Since I was quietly playing on my phone in the kitchen at that time though, it was less directed at me.

      • brknwntr says:

        I’ll remember to play quieter next time.

      • stchucky says:

        Well like I said, you weren’t the problem. Loud is fine, as long as there’s at least one closed door in between … but that sort of defeats the purpose of you being a guest in our house.

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