Interlude: St. Andrews Cèilidh

Day 82. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Finally getting there, still going to do one more short story after this, but they’re hard work.

I’d love to have had some photos and video of this event, but my poor old phone just can’t record videos onto its SD card without them being mostly freeze-frame. And 1 megapixel is about 9 megapixels too few for a camera to be worth taking photos with.

Mrs. Hatboy and I had a wonderful time last night at the Finnish Scottish Society’s cèilidh. These guys have only just gotten around to forming a society (insert snide jokes about Scotland here), which is long overdue because they’re a fabulous bunch and it’s been a long time since the Irish folks have invited me to a shindig.

The evening went marvellously, thanks in large part to Lorna and Anna, a pair of complete strangers who showed up and befriended us because they didn’t know anyone and we didn’t know anyone but at least this way there were four of us. Like I say, the Society is long overdue.

As it happened, Anna and Mrs. Hatboy had gone to the same school and had at least a Facebook friend in common, because Anna was a Swedish Finn and that’s how the duckpond works. Much hilarity, Scottish dancing and all the Irn Bru you can drink ensued. “All the Irn Bru you can drink,” incidentally, turned out to be less than one can but I brought some home with me.

The bands were great, the food tasty, the company excellent. No piper, but I gave them my card for consideration next time. I’m neither Scottish nor Finnish so the pipes will be my ticket in next time.

As for how we got in this time, well, that’s a bit of a long story. It can be summed up by the words “I piped in a haggis for a Scottish radio DJ”, but somehow that doesn’t do the story justice. I hope, before much longer, I’ll have some proper reports to share.

For now, though, cèilidhs are back on the menu. And I’m reunited with my old stubby holder and feel like I’ve got my mojo back.

Was also amused to find that the Mr. and Mrs. Hatboy hipflasks had reached 10 and 19 years of age. That happened very suddenly and I’m not at all sure I trust it. But oh well.

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