Interlude: Precious memories

Day 76. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

Today’s hilarious interlude comes from the fantastically brutal Facebook “On This Day” algorithm, which decided I needed to see this at about 01:30am as I was wrapping up my Write Night for the week[1]:


Oh, the LULZ we had.

Apparently, the big Margaret River fire of 2011, where a lot of people lost their houses and my sister and her family were extremely lucky to only lose a shed with some of my dad’s old golf clubs and a few other odds and ends, was something worth reminiscing over. The fire came close enough to my sister’s place that the plastic swings on their verandah got warped in the heat.

To be fair, it could have been a lot worse, and this can arguably be considered a “miraculous escape” picture (and I don’t, after all, have any objection to sharing and laughing about it, so maybe the Facebook Skynet is smarter than we think) … but seriously now. A burned building? You thought I might like to remember this? Facebook can pick out a female nipple from 300 paces, but burned wreckage is good to go?

Anyway, that gave me a laugh.

[1] Still working through. I guess there’s not really any big rush since Human is still in editing and I can’t exactly start a backlog of works for publishing … can I?

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