Interlude: Saturday in the closing weeks of 2016

Day 74. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

Not a lot to report today. Toop had one of her first fever-coughing-vomiting events last night, wrecking her bed, two sets of jimmies, her kitchen chair and the shower room. Lot of hosing down and soothing had to happen.

Fortunately, I’d just decided to postpone my write night (which I’d already postponed from Wednesday due to Mrs. Hatboy going out, and from Thursday due to the roleplayers invading the house), probably until Sunday since I’m out at a Christmas party tonight. Just as well I’d made the call, because I would have been horrifically pissed if I’d gone out only to be pulled back in to deal with sick Toop. So it’s all good.

Morning at the Sotunki fire station today, to fund-raise and teach the kids about the joy of fire safety. Also, pyttipannu made by star chef Robert Von Bell, which has to be good.

Then tonight, a small round of catch-ups with the old Nokia crowd in honour of Christmas.

Tomorrow, hangover? Let’s see.

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