What was that weekend all about? What? And now it’s Monday? What a world.

Day 56. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Dang it, working on it – almost there.

Well, as my blog title for today would seem to suggest, the weekend was a very surreal affair.

We thought we were going to be super-busy all day Saturday, but then Wump’s dance class turned out to not be a thing (see Saturday’s entry), although I still had to drive the girls out there and back. Then Wump skipped swimming class because of a lingering cold.

The ladies did go to their Halloween party, however, and I think Wump won the whole event by going as a Pirate (Princess) of the Caribbean.


She even had a cursed gold coin of Cortéz on a chain courtest of Mrs. BRKN, but you can’t see it in this picture.

All morning, it must be added, Mr. BRKN cemented his position as #1 Friend of the Hatboy Family (already pretty solidly nailed down by changing our car’s winter tyres for us) by building us a bookshelf for Bar Äijä’s.

Mrs. Hatboy left the girls at the Halloween party with their mommo, and we headed into Helsinki to attend the 40th birthday celebration of my friend and former workmate Katri. It was a circus-freakshow-themed masquerade / fancy dress affair, and much fun was had even though Mrs. Hatboy and I bowed out by 23:30pm. Excellent cake and excellent drinks in excellent company.


I still maintain that the “Snake Oil” they were selling at the bar for €9 a glass was just cranberry juice. And if that’s the case, it was an absolutely brilliant joke about the whole “snake oil” thing.

Katri had drawn in a truly impressive number of friends and favours, resulting in a live blues performance that was really very good; an amazing troupe of belly- and sword-dancers; a pair of incredible contortionist / gymnasts, and a brilliant DJ whose act we sadly missed the majority of due to our early departure.

Madame Katri also read the tarot cards for anyone who had the nerve. I drew “Adversity”, the 5 of something-or-other, which apparently meant I was going to be facing some not-all-that-serious difficulties or inconveniences.

Anyway, the only adversity I faced for the rest of the weekend was sleeping in until 09:30am, then going and picking up the girls around midday, then snoozing on the couch until dinner time, then eating dinner, watching the first couple of episodes of Ash Vs. the Evil Dead (more about that later!), then going to bed. It was rough.

Maybe my card should have been called “First World Adversity”.

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4 Responses to What was that weekend all about? What? And now it’s Monday? What a world.

  1. dreameling says:

    I wish I’d made it to Katri & co.’s party. It sounded pretty spectacular beforehand and it would’ve been nice to see old colleagues again.

    Is that you in the picture with that weird… thing on your face?

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