Bonus Post: Drednanth E-Book Free This Week

I should probably add, for those of you not on Facebook or Twitter, that I am continuing my campaigning in the wake of Damorak‘s release and leading up to the publication of Human.

Since Eejit has apparently passed its freebie limit for 2016, I’m now offering Drednanth, Book 2 of The Final Fall of Man, free of charge on your e-book reader this week.

At the moment the give-away is going well.


Although as ever, if anyone finds a site that’ss offering better than $0 for this book, please let me know so I can order one trillion. Thank you.

In fact, to help things along and because I’m a lazy, lazy man, I even picked up a copy myself because it was easier than plugging my USB cable into my kindle and transferring the .mobi file manually from my computer.


And that’s a true story.

So go and get the book now, and share the news with any friends you might have who own a kindle or other e-book thing.

And enjoy!

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