Saturday weirdness

Day 54. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

I’m sitting in an empty house belonging to a friend of my daughter’s, and it’s very weird.

We’re carpooling week-on, week-off to dance class, and this week was my turn. I got both kids to class only to find that today is a public holiday, and the dance school was closed without telling us. I dropped Wump’s friend back to her home to find it abandoned. Apparently her mum, dad and brother left for an afternoon of relaxation somewhere. Or they were abducted. Not sure, they’re not answering their phones.

But the door was unlocked, so now I’m sitting in their upstairs living room and feeling very weird, while the kids play in Wump’s friend’s room and we wait for the family to get back.

This day is off to a weird start.

Also got my second set of editorial comments back from Human. They’re … I’m not gonna lie, they were discouraging. But useful. I’ll get to work on it. Uh, sometime next week. I suppose.


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2 Responses to Saturday weirdness

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    LOL well that sucks a bit! And this story is the complete opposite of an “abandoned my 3 year old kid at the lake” story a father in my neighborhood told me of another father in my neighborhood, after the bus pickup friday morning.

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