I’m the new guy

I don’t keep pointless word counts. I don’t actually know what I do. I haven’t been out in thirty years or so. I’ll try not to get us fired, but I probably shouldn’t be around people.

I’m the one all the others can ignore, because they get to write.

About Hatboy

I’m not often driven to introspection or reflection, but the question does come up sometimes. The big question. So big, there’s just no containing it within the puny boundaries of a single set of punctuationary bookends. Who are these mysterious and unsung heroes of obscurity and shadow? What is their origin story? Do they have a prequel trilogy? What are their secret identities? What are their public identities, for that matter? What are their powers? Their abilities? Their haunted pasts and troubled futures? Their modus operandi? Where do they live anyway, and when? What do they do for a living? Do they really have these fantastical adventures, or is it a dazzlingly intellectual and overwrought metaphor? Or is it perhaps a smug and post-modern sort of metaphor? Is it a plain stupid metaphor, hedged around with thick wads of plausible deniability, a soap bubble of illusory plot dependent upon readers who don’t dare question it for fear of looking foolish? A flight of fancy, having dozed off in front of the television during an episode of something suitably spaceship-oriented? Do they have a quest, a handler, a mission statement, a department-level development objective in five stages? I am Hatboy. https://hatboy.blog/2013/12/17/metalude-who-are-creepy-and-hatboy/
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14 Responses to I’m the new guy

  1. brknwntr says:

    And what’s your name? Have you met Hatboy, EdPool and the other two? Do you have anything you would like to tell us?

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    I’m sorry for your loss!

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      “I’m lost.”

      Proof that this day of the week ends in “y” XD

      • dreameling says:

        Dat’s some clever shit right there. :p

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Just trying to make our mutual friend whose write night last night was pretty clearly ruined crack a smile. <—- also, now answering you seriously on your statement "I'm lost." I'm pretty sure that's what Hatboy is saying here.

      • dreameling says:

        Ok, so that’s what that post was about. I thought it was about work. Not sure which would’ve been better.

        And I actually thought that was pretty clever, especially since it took me awhile to figure out. Slow day.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Well, to be fair, it certainly could be about work. But coming today, Thursday, after write night, and mentioning word counts and others getting to write but not him, I made the inference. Plus I haven’t heard anything negative about his new workplace yet. Well, aside from the standard BS you technical writers constantly complain about. Babies. Engineers rule, technical writers drool!

        Or it’s an art project. You know, Hatboy is a bit *whistles and twirls finger sideways at temple*

      • stchucky says:

        Too kind, too kind.

      • stchucky says:

        Plus I haven’t heard anything negative about his new workplace yet. Well, aside from the standard BS you technical writers constantly complain about. Babies. Engineers rule, technical writers drool!

        That reminds me of a joke.

        Q: How many Engineers does it take to write editorial comments in a PDF?

        A: Who needs to write editorial comments in a PDF, when you can take a screencapture of the page, open it in MS Paint, scribble out text using the eraser, write new text using your mouse, then insert the resulting PNG into an e-mail and send it back to the weeping Technical Writer?

        True. Story.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Seems legit. You gotta use varied techmology….

      • stchucky says:


      • aaronthepatriot says:


        You might not have heard someone pronounce it like that, but there it is. So troll-definition-ready!

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