The Nice Guys: A Review

Day 44. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

It just occurred to me that I have no standardised and consistent title format for movie and book reviews. This seemed to be a more or less commonly-used format so I’ll stick with it. Or I won’t. Oh look, I’m off the topic already.

The Nice Guys was our third movie of last weekend’s movie night, and pitched to me during the planning phase as “Funniest film you missed in 2016”, and that was probably accurate. Hard to test, of course, since by definition I missed the other films that might have been funnier … but okay.

I was also quite a few drinks in the hole by this stage of the night so I missed a lot of the plot intricacies[1]. From what I could gather, this was a 70s-themed mash-up of Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. And with that sort of specification, how could it go wrong?

[1] I also spent a truly amazing amount of effort and concentration on the bus trip home trying to recount to Brian and Fanny exactly which movies I had watched that night. I could remember all of them except this one. I have no idea why, but I could not for the life of me remember the third movie I’d watched.


There was also a certain amount of Inspector Gadget in it. Penny (right, not her real or character name) solved most of the mysteries.

It was a very entertaining movie. Amusing if somewhat typical performance from Russel Crowe, and I think this was the first movie I’ve seen with Ryan Gosling in. He was adorable, I have to give his many lady admirers credit for that. There was plenty of humourous and well-written dialogue and some excellent physical laughs in it. Drunken slapstick and gun-related mishaps, and a reasonable amount of violence.

As I said, I was busily tying up sheets to the wind by this point – I may have had two or as many as three up there – so I don’t really remember what was happening with the actual plot. There were a few twists and turns there, and I think Bunny kidnapped herself. There may or may not have been Nihilists.

Worth a watch, I think.

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1 Response to The Nice Guys: A Review

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Good review! Yeah, I loved this one, too! The wife…not so much. But I’m putting my foot down! She’s wrong!

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