Day of the Doctor

Day 42. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

Mopho Cake III is dead for the time being, so I haven’t got much opportunity to write anything. An old buddy of mine posted this onto Facebook so I figured it was worth a re-post. Cute stuff, and made me grin of a bleak Monday morning in October.

Say what you like about the USians, they know their cheese.

I’m yet to see any more Doctor Who since the latest season on Netflix, I’m not sure there even is any. But the episode Heaven Sent is still one of the best episodes of Who I have ever seen. Possibly one of the best episodes of any television show.

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3 Responses to Day of the Doctor

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Damn, that’s a good “trailer”! As for best episode, I couldn’t possibly choose but it would probably be a Smith one for me, or maybe Tennant. As we’ve discussed, anyway. LOL But I tried right now to choose and about 10 different ones were all clamoring to be chosen. No fucking way can I pick.

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, it’s tough. And of course my own judgement was based on which episodes I’ve seen most recently, and the fact that there are a bunch I haven’t seen in ages and have subsequently forgotten.

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