Friday: Not even losing days this time and I still don’t get how

Day 32. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

Just … ended up being Friday again. That’s cool, it was a busy week and it’s not quite over yet. Few errands to run and oh yeah, most of the rest of a day at work to finish.

Still, going well. I was amused earlier in the month by a typo I’d made that had turned one of my manuals into a rather epic bit of literature.


It was funny so I Facebooked it. This is the life I live.

Apparently this is something Google translate has picked up on. Either that, or my coworkers are rather more legendary than I had originally assumed.


Sometimes I check Google Translate, either for shits and giggles or to make sure I’ve gotten the general gist of what has been said in an e-mail. I also go in the opposite direction sometimes, to make sure I’m writing something more or less legibly in e-mails of my own. This, too, is the life I live.

That is all for today. Thou hast been schoolèd.

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