Day 12. 0 pages, 0 words. I was really hoping to get it finished today but it doesn’t look like time is on my side. And the weekend doesn’t look good either. I mean, it looks good … just not promising for this story, which turned out to be quite a lot longer and more complicated than I thought. In fact, I’m wondering if it’s going to be too intricate and complex for the audience. Hmm. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to raise my expectations of my audience.

Last night, when offered a choice between Harry Potter and “insides”, Wump decided she wanted to look at insides.

This harks back to a year or more ago, when I entertained her for an evening showing her pictures on my phone’s Google Image Search of the human digestive system and internal organs.

She decided she wanted to do it again, so I lay down and told her a bedtime story about the Gall Bladder, the Pancreas, and What Exactly Happened To Humans’ Tails.

True story. Screencaps taken in real time.

I tried to make a moral to the story, about how the human swallowing reflex works and why you’re much more likely to have food go down the wrong pipe if you’re talking and yelling and bouncing around while you eat. But I’m not sure she really took it to heart.

Oh well. It was fun.

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6 Responses to Insides

  1. brknwntr says:

    You already fill your stories with in jokes and references that even Mrs. Hatboy and Lucas The No Hands and Feet don’t catch. And you want to RAISE your audience expectations?

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