Write Night

Day 11. 0 pages, 0 words.

Last night we tried a slight shift in our routine to see if I could swing a solid writing session once a week, (almost) regardless of unwanted scheduling conflicts. The aim was to stop me complaining all the time about how I get no time to write[1], and give me at least one night / morning a week where I get a decent amount of sleep, so I don’t have any more breaks from reality.

[1] And I do feel somewhat justified in holding out for some sort of acknowledgement at this stage, even if this doesn’t count as my day job yet. My little trickle of book sales is paying for Wump’s afternoon club fee each month, and that’s not nothing.

Anyway, the idea is simple enough. at about 21:00pm on Wednesday, after I’ve finished feeding Wump and Toop their snacks and we’ve watched a bit of TV and I’ve read Wump a bit of her book, I go out to work.

Last night I stayed out until about 01:00am, which wasn’t quite as late as I was planning but it was reasonable and I got a lot done. And I slept[2] through until about 08:00am, which is something of a record for me.

[2] With a couple of wake-ups to put Toop back to sleep when she had a screaming fit, a bit of disruption when Wump climbed into our bed, and okay, the last hour and a half didn’t really count because I was awake the whole time as Mrs. Hatboy worked solidly on getting Wump out of bed for school.

I call it a success, although I guess there’s never going to be perfection. For example, I had to faff around getting Toop to daycare and only got to work at 09:00am. Unless I stay past 17:00pm, that means I’ll be taking an hour or two of a loss each week from Write Night’s fallout. Which should be fine, because I add half an hour or so to my excess every day on normal days, so with a slight adjustment I should be able to keep increasing my overtime account and earning myself a day off from time to time.

Plus, it was a bastard trying to find a parking space at 09:00am. And I didn’t get to make the office coffee, and I’m not sure who did but I’m pretty sure they used sand.

Anyway, it was a good night. And this was a boring post, and in the end I didn’t even get to report a finished short story, because I don’t want to rush those last few bits. So I don’t really have anything to show for Write Night. But I don’t care.

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4 Responses to Write Night

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    “0 pages, 0 words.” ?

    I must not understand the point of that metric up there by the title.

    This was a really enjoyable blog post for me, for so many reasons. Even at the worst, our sleeping and bedtime etc. paled in comparison to yours, let me just say. And I guess I like pale things!

    LOL about the sand coffee. Hey, here’s a place for me to talk about the Jercolator, as you dubbed him. Our little talk didn’t stick, he’s back to his same shit.

    Ahh well. Humans. We suck.

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, as I explained at the outset, this new short story metric is a work in progress and I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. It is the way it is because I have a mess of short stories at different stages of completion, so I am only upping the word and page count as I finish a story and put it in the final doc. Thus it will rise in tiers (and, dare I say, all end in tiers).

      Bummer about the Jercolator. I guess his improvement was just a coincidence.

  2. brknwntr says:

    I’ll be honest, when I first read about you deciding to attempt this. I expected the first one to end somewhat like this. Although I did expect more hand waving. Changing a routine is hard. And it never quite goes the way you expected. But it sounds like you might be on to an idea here. This is the point where working with a traditional publisher and getting that book advance starts to look good compared to these headaches. Of course it does come with its own headaches.

    I really wanted to say that I did expect this effort to end in handwaving and a single line tier. But I felt like that put undue expectations on my words. Get it done when you get it done. You still have two books to publish.

    • stchucky says:

      It really did go well. First time, so I wasn’t quite ready for it. Next time will be better. Or, you know, it won’t. Not stressing about it too much.

      I’m really loving this short story. It’s super-complicated, but worth it. And painful, but sweet. And it, like all the rest, will act as expansions and clarifications on aspects of the FFoMiverse. And I should probably stop rhapsodising about it now.

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