Sunday. No, wait. Saturday.

Today I’ve mostly been child-minding Wump, Toop and Walder. It’s been fun.

On the advice of an excellent tech support buddy of mine, I completely unplugged my monitor and that seems to have – temporarily at least – solved my old rig’s screen-blackout problem.

I want to go out and write again tomorrow morning too. I’m just not getting free time unless I take it in the morning these days.

Pumpkin risotto on the stove. Hevisaurus blasting on the TV. House chaotic, but most of it we can’t really lay at the feet of the kids. We just like it this way.

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3 Responses to Sunday. No, wait. Saturday.

  1. stchucky says:

    Unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in an hour later, I should stress. Allowing it to reset, apparently.

  2. brknwntr says:

    looks like you have fully recovered from the invasion

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