So close

Day 36. 275 pages, 127,917 words.

I decided to get a decent night’s sleep instead of sitting up and rushing through the final chapters of the series. I still got a decent wad written on Mopho Cake III.

I was shattered after a long day at the Middle Ages Fair, and my colostomy bag decided to help out by … well, let’s just say that nothing shits on an evening’s plans to sit at a desk quite like a colostomy bag does, okay? So I was left with “relaxing on the couch, watching TV, with my hands pressed firmly over the motherfucking adhesive so that it would stay in place and maybe – just maybe – last the night.”

Writing was off the table.

Today, I have cleaning to do (unrelated to the colostomy thing), and then parents to pick up from the airport. I can’t see myself getting back to the computer any time in the next couple of weeks. But I’ll go in to work early and get some writing done before clocking in. That should see me through this series by the first half of the week.

And a good thing too. The next series has started to nudge me and cough politely for attention.

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One Response to So close

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Damn, sorry to hear about your troubles! Happy to hear about the next series bugging you, though. Very happy about that!

    Maybe you need a dictation app on your phone so you can hands-free your writing if needed? My phone is a fossil so forgive me for making shit up that might not exist. I know you don’t need more shit!

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