Another Monday “guh” post

Day 30. 239 pages, 110,852 words.

Weekend was decent, although a bit wasted due to bad weather, Mrs. Hatboy being under the weather, and general meh-ness.

That’s a thing, right? You bet it is.

Wump starts school tomorrow. Yesterday we hit the mini-funpark, had burgers, ice creams and assorted enjoyables. It was … exhausting. Good sauna and relaxation in the evening.

This morning, a Final Fall of Man reader on Usenet weirded me out by suggesting Glomulus Cratch should be played by Patrick Stewart. I just … what?

Happy Mondays!

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4 Responses to Another Monday “guh” post

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Oh come on, it’s better than the chick from Castle! LOL! Unless I misunderstood your last email.

    He’d do a great job! But hey…how about Jesse Eisenberg? XD

    Can’t wait for you to add in Cratch trying to feed everyone candy.

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