Today in Çrazy

Day 25. 215 pages, 100,298 words.

Another uneventful day. I have calculated roughly that I have 19 chapters left to write in Part Three of Human, and they all have between half a page and three pages of content in them already.

Today, though, I wanted to talk about the letter Ç.

Edpool, so far the only person to have said the name Çrom Skelliglyph aloud in public, didn’t necessarily pronounce it quite right. The temptation, of course, is to pronounce it as a C (by Crom!) or as an S, like façade.

It’s actually, in this specific case, a Visigoth Z.

Not because Skell is a Visigoth, although I think he could certainly qualify as a latter-day Vandal (also, to be fair, the Vandals weren’t vandals). His buddy Drago Barducci really fits the bill more there, in every sense.

But there you have it. Çrom should in fact be pronounced Zrom, or actually Zhrom. This is not pure academic phonetics and linguistics at work, since the Visigoth Z is not really pronounced like the English Z. But this is how it is.

So now you know.

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10 Responses to Today in Çrazy

  1. dreameling says:

    I need to reboot my cognitive FFoM Character Name Pronunciation Module.

  2. stchucky says:

    Interestingly, the closest modern approximation of Çrom, according to this linguistic cue, is the French Jérôme.

    Sorry if that makes you sad.

  3. brknwntr says:

    Today in zero fucks given….

  4. aaronthepatriot says:

    Cool! Now, I’m wondering why the Bilgey has all these references to Skell. Am I going to find out the answer to that mystery anytime soon?

    And to anyone who hasn’t read the Bilgey, which is like everyone but you and me, Hyar har! Tell me how my ass taste!

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