þe þursday þing

Day 26. 220 pages, 102,553 words.

Oh, you Þought I was kidding.

Now this one, I was already sort of aware of because I had researched how one should pronounce Þurs, which is Old Norse for ogre. Obviously.

Basically, the Þ is a th. It’s called a thorn. Now that, I was not aware of.

This is funny on multiple levels, because this is the character my good author buddy, Lucas Thorn, habitually uses to make tongue-out smileys because it looks better than a p.

:-Þ vs. :-p … see? No contest.

However, when you write thorn the way it is meant to be written – Þorn – well, the character has always looked like a p, hasn’t it? So you get porn.

Funny on multiple levels.

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3 Responses to þe þursday þing

  1. nobblynobody says:

    Boring but true: the Y in ‘olde english is a thorn too, hence ‘Ye Olde Tea Shoppe’ is just pronounced The…etc

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