Tiny Little Games Post

Day 18. 176 pages, 80,615 words.

Had a funny afternoon yesterday. Mrs. Hatboy and I agreed with Wump that I’d take her to the water park / swimming hall, despite our earlier issues with sääntönasties (long story). Anyway, we had a coupon for one free child admission, so figured it was worth doing because that’s totally a savings. By Grabthar’s Hammer.

We were halfway there, after a lot of dicking around with finishing work and picking people up, only to discover we’d remembered everything except the coupon. By now of course there was no time to go back for it (because we couldn’t swim all night) and Wump was too excited for us to postpone. So we ended up going anyway.

And it was fun. And afterwards we went to a new pasta restaurant in Jumbo, and that was nice too.

Earlier this week, just to get us back on track, we briefly played a couple of card games.

The first, Big Badaboom (nothing to do with The Fifth Element), a game that we were given for free at Ropecon because we presumably spent so much money on Cards Against Humanity and Deadpool figurines that the vendor felt he owed us. Or he just couldn’t shift the damn units.

It was an okay game, probably more fun once you get into it and don’t have Wump and Toop flailing around the table. Goblins disarming, arming, tinkering with and getting killed by bombs. The instruction manual has to be one of the worst things I have ever seen, and I say that as a professional. I’ll have to scan it for you.

Then we played Gloom, a very neat story-building game where you need to unhappy-event your chosen family to death, while inflicting good fortune and life on your opponents. The cards are transparent, and overlap to build life-stories onto your set of character cards. It was really very fun. And the instructions were fine.

That’s it for now.

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One Response to Tiny Little Games Post

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Sorry about forgetting the coupon, been there, totally sucks.

    I’m quite curious how in the world “Big Badaboom” could possibly, in truth, have nothing to do with The Fifth Element. That just seems…highly improbable. *Spock eyebrow*

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