Argh … Friday? Really? Huh.

Day 13. 165 pages, 74,560 words.

Busy day yesterday, another one today, and as much as I would like to keep up this insane momentum, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get much writing done over the weekend. Certainly I’m not going to get on my rig and keep the word count accurate. What I get done, I’ll get done on Mopho Cake.

This weekend is Ropecon (or Rope-con, as the foreigners keep calling it[1]), and we will likely be attending on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure if Edpool will go both days, but I do know he will be outshone by Mrs. Hatboy, Wump and Toop.

[1] Thank you, Mr. BRKN, for calling up the radio station and correcting them live on air yesterday. I mean, it was still difficult to listen to, but hilarious.

Month #2 of my trial period, as mentioned, is over. Desk duly updated.

That is all.

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