The Sunday After

Day 7. 107 pages, 46,405 words.

Didn’t get many photos, sadly, but it was a grand evening as ever. We had a fairly big crowd at Bar Äijä’s, all the copies of Molran sold, and a considerable amount of food and drink was consumed.

Macarena was danced for some reason, once we got the TV and YouTube up and running again.

Terrible puns were engaged in, courtesy of Gerry, Brendan and The Virk.

There were bagpipes.

The Pas took a couple of turns behind the bar and didn’t make too horrible a mess of things, although he did make Eric an attempted Long Island Iced Tea that turned out to have sake and fireball and a bunch of mystery ingredients in it. We dubbed it “the Three Mile Island Iced Tea”.

The Pas also managed to become, and remain, Chief Wizard. Pic related.

And we added another victim to the “I hate kids, I never want to have kids … but your kids…” brigade. Another triumph for Wump and Toop.

There was a certain amount of tattoo pen use, some chalk drawing, and much silliness. The Pas, Jean and Kate took a taxi at 04:30am, and I finally fell into bed. The kids were good enough to sleep until 10:00am.

Good times.

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One Response to The Sunday After

  1. stchucky says:

    The traditional pub quiz, and the fabulous prize, deserve a post of their own which I will make tomorrow.

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