Let’s Get Bat-Headed

Day 6. 102 pages, 42,801 words.

Ugh, thundery weather all day, unpleasantly overcast, no time to drink coffee this morning, splitting headache. Had to go to the shops again to get a few last-minute things, and am now cleaning up the bar with Wump’s help, getting ready for the party tonight.

With luck, photos and report to come.

Had a bizarre dream this morning, about the old beach house at Dunsborough. Except there was a big tall cornfield between the house and the beach. A bunch of deer (2-3 does, 1 buck) came down to the corn, and one stepped into the edge of the field, and vanished, as if she’d fallen into a hole.

Then the buck went in, and there was a lot of thrashing and crashing, and then there was an alligator. Big enough to carry the deer (and they were big deer) in its mouth, easily 40 feet long. Came crashing out of the corn and fought the deer. Or, you know, ate them like popcorn.

That’s about when I woke up.

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2 Responses to Let’s Get Bat-Headed

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    I’m confused as to whether the deer, the mouth, or the alligator were 40 feet long. Other than that, sounds like an awesome dream.

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