Murder She Wrote

I was just reminded of this hilarious Murder She Wrote every-script-ever thing today. Hilarious on so many levels. Including some that you might not immediately have considered.

For example, I was re-reading the script and had a laugh … and then suddenly I found myself captivated by the idea that this is why George RR Martin has been so darn slow writing his books. We know he’s touring and doing conventions and stuff … but what if there’s a gruesome murder at every place he happens to go to, and he’s helping the authorities to solve the case and incidentally get a long line of nephews and nieces and sons-in-law and best-friend’s-daughters off the hook for the crimes?

Can’t you see it? I can see it.

I think a Murder She Wrote / Castle / Game of Thrones mash-up series needs to be made. Also throw in a bit of Pie in the Sky just so Martin can get his cook on.

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