Well, apparently last night there was a massacre in Nice, France. A man drove a truck into a crowd of people who were watching Bastille Day fireworks, and killed upwards of 80 of them before he was shot down by police.

First thing I heard about it was a text from my brother, who was on holiday there.

texts (1)

I consider my response pretty weak, but it was half-past four in the morning and I hadn’t prepared a speech for this eventuality.

So that happened. Right now all they seem to know was that he was a French-Tunisian man, there’s a lot of shit flying around and of course there are the usual terrorist concerns. So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

In happier news, Mrs. Hatboy sent me a message just after I got out of the cinema (I went to see Independence Day: Resurgence again, with my lanttumies Vuta, and I’m glad I did), and gave me a chance to make the best SMS response in the history of the technology.

texts (2)

Much better response.

For reference, the line I’m copying is “we are going to kick some serious alien ass!”, which some people (there are spoilers in the following link so be careful) are complaining about Fox using in TV commercials for the movie. They think this line, and Bill Pullman’s line about “happy Fourth of July”, spoil events in the movie. Actually they don’t, because there’s no context for them (and wouldn’t have been, except that the morons on that page went ahead and added said context, good job morons), and the ordering is all over the place.

Now, if they had actually used Credence’s Fortunate Son in this movie, it would have been such a superior movie I’m not even kidding.

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2 Responses to News

  1. stchucky says:

    Not twelve hours earlier Jim and I were exchanging “Nice” puns in the very same SMS chain, so you should all be happy I didn’t go with my first response which was “That’s not very Nice”. Although I concede I have undone that good work by making this comment.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    The right wing is self-destructing, I’m happy to report. Now if only right-wing youtubers would get through the death throes faster…. I can’t handle all these attacks, TBH. I just can’t comment anymore. Full turtle.

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