After a slightly frustrating start to the day (slept through my alarm, fortunately Mrs. Hatboy was thoughtful enough to wake me up an hour and a half later[1] so I didn’t entirely waste my morning), I’m recovering my equilibrium and getting down to business.

[1] I’m sorry to say this was probably motivated by self-interest on Mrs. Hatboy’s part, not wanting me to be a waspish bad-tempered cunt for the rest of the day. And fair enough.

Today it’s all about male nipples and cobra housings. Why a device would need a place to put a cobra, I have no idea – but I suppose if you’re going to put a cobra in there, it should be properly housed.

A good friend of mine has shared some very personal poetic insights and it has put me in a reflective mood, about life and choices and matters of the heart. Unfortunately I am unable, here or on the blog in question, to properly articulate my thoughts. I think the telling just needs to be acknowledged, without full discussion, commiseration and analysis. I just want to say that I’ve been thinking about it all week.

I’m also thinking about the person who found the Hatstand by searching for “Pinocchio hentai” on Google. Thinking about them very seriously.

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1 Response to A-musing

  1. stchucky says:

    I sort of love the person who found our little abode by searching for “swift kick in the nuts”, though.

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