Every Flavour Beans

I bought a bit of Harry Potter merchandise for Wump’s birthday, trusting to Amazon’s “people who bought this” feature to set me up with some fun stuff.

As a result, we ended up with a remote-control wand for the TV, DVD and blu-ray; a notepad and wand-pencil for spells; and some assorted candies.

This included a box of Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans, which anyone who has read the books (or the box the candy comes in) will tell you means bad flavours as well as good.

On seeing the box, I assumed this whole thing was just an outrageously expensive way of buying Jelly Belly beans, which – let’s face it, they’re worth paying a premium for because they’re amazing. They just had some funny names to make them a bit of a novelty.

But then, last night, Wump ate a dirt-flavoured one. Or rather, she half-ate it, then we all had to try.

It really did taste like dirt. Well played, Jelly Belly.

I was pretty sure the “earthworm” one I tried was just a different name for a regular bean, but now I’m curious. And since there are only about 10 beans in a box, I may need to go back to Amazon and get more.

Just as well the pound’s in the crapper!

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3 Responses to Every Flavour Beans

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Damn you, sir. I was trying really hard not to reward their stupid brexit vote, but this…I might have to copy. I’ve never tried amazon UK before, not sure if I can…and then there’s the permanent address issue, but as long as my parents don’t steal my wand remote….

  2. nobblynobody says:

    Look at it this way, you’re helping the half of us that wanted to stay. It’s tough I know, even as a remainer I’m sort of rooting for complete economic collapse in a ‘that’ll show ’em’ kind of way but at the same time, I’d rather not be eating rats I’d caught in the rubble where Tesco used to be, cooked on a shopping trolley bbq, in a couple of years.

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      Whew! I’m a murrican who thought it was stupid to brexit and I’m no longer going to feel guilty for cheering for economic collapse. Thank you for releasing me from this psychological burden! And, sorry about the tantrum vote…maybe your politicians will ignore it since it wasn’t a landslide and many wish they hadn’t made their tantrum official.

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