Brexit and Bracists

No time to do anything but phonecap from my Facebook feed today. This is where I’m at.

Next step is Finnish citizenship. I may or may not hold onto my Australian one, if only for my kids’ sakes.

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4 Responses to Brexit and Bracists

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Despite all the SHIT I’ve been putting up with lately…I’d say Karma but there’s no way I deserve THIS run of bad luck…I’m going to make a Herculean effort to put my “look on the bright side” spin on this, for me at least. If the UK stays, then all is well. If the UK leaves, if those utter fucking imbeciles prove their imbecilic nature, then I can finally break the spell of Imperialism that Britain has cast over me my entire life and stop hearing “intelligence” in every British accent.

    Plus Scotland probably will leave the “United” Kingdom for realsies if they brexit, I hear. And I thought that vote last year should have gone the other way anyway. FREEDOM!!!!!![1]

    So I win again, Lews Therin.

    [1] Horrible freedom?

  2. Lemme get back on the subject of whether the brexit vote is a good idea, well, there’s the rub, innit? Which are the decisions that can/should be made by a representative of the people, and which are the ones that require a public vote to which all members of a society can contribute? I’m not too impressed with the achievements of representative democracy in Finland lately, but I doubt that it’d have been any better had the Big Bad Decisions been done via public vote.

    • stchucky says:

      So many of our problems would be solved by a series of laws ensuring that only people of a certain level of intelligence and cultural maturity are permitted to breed or raise children.

      This level would of course be dictated by me, or there would be no point. I’m not in the mood to compromise or tiptoe around today.

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