Monday Blog Entry (Type D)

Decent weekend, after all my whining. My headache improved dramatically when I finished writing Final Fall of Man #7, and I am now transcribing it onto the publication template. Editors’ copies should be ready next week.

In the meantime, I had to think carefully about what to do for the quiz prize at the Molran party, which incidentally (dreameling) I am now planning for Saturday the 23rd of July. Since one of the Eds is likely to win (the past three parties have become a grudge match between Mr. BRKN and perennial winner Kristiina), but they will already have a full copy of the next book, a sneak-preview chapter is sort of pointless.

As such, this morning I came up with an idea that is hopefully going to work out. But it’s a secret.

I’ve got training today and tomorrow, which ought to be interesting. Well timed, too, since my computer’s getting stuff installed on it and will be in IT’s hands for a while.

That is all.

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