Inspired Sunday

Day 63. 238 pages, 115,747 words. Finished.

All done, barring the editorial round.

Here’s the metrics, because I didn’t have much time to write anything else today.

metrics (22)

Book 7 ended up being the second-longest book, and completed well-ahead of the 70-day deadline, let alone the 80-day extended deadline I set for Molran. I have corrected the page-bloat that was occurring, but that was more accidental than anything else.

And as with previous books, the writing ended on an up-jag … although in this case it was more the fact that I was writing on my phone and building up a head of steam that then got dumped into the draft doc, than any sort of all-nighter messing around.

metrics_FFoM7_representation (chapters)

This is a Z-Lin, Janus and Contro-heavy book, but don’t you fret about that. It’s also got a big wad of miscellaneous characters and flashbacks.

And a Captain chapter! And no, I was not being cheeky and counting Z-Lin as the Captain for this case. She’s a Captain, but not the Captain.

metrics_FFoM7_representation (pages)

Just for fun I also divided this book not only by the chapters per character, but the number of pages per chapter. The graph is largely unchanged, but the misc guys get less of a showing in this perspective and the Captain, as you can see, a much more generous serving. Contro’s contro-bution is smaller, Z-Lin’s and Janus’s largely unchanged.

metrics_FFoM_representation (ca. book 7)

Which leaves us with this graph, for the entire Final Fall of Man series so far. Again, I count chapters here, not pages.

Book 8 will be getting underway after I’ve had a bit of a rest.

Time for a sauna.

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  1. dreameling says:

    But… But where’s Waffa???

    Oh, right…

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