Party time

Day 62. 222 pages, 106,697 words. Yes, no fucking change. Weekend, innit.

I have lost the ability to express in words how frustrating it is not to be able to get on my computer and write. It’s been a week. I am getting shooting pains in my head. It’s actually physically affecting me.

But there’s other shit to do.

Today, for example, Wump is at a birthday party so I had to shop for presents with her (for this and another fucking birthday party tomorrow, but no way am I going to that one), and then we have Wump’s own birthday party to prepare for here. Which, fair enough, although it’s the first of at least two parties she’ll be having, I need to help out with it.

But a week. Fuck, my head hurts. Fuck this.

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3 Responses to Party time

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Is it the sort of headache/pains that drinking a lot helps, or hurts? =/

    And I’d just like to note that a “fucking birthday party” sounds like one not to be missed, as opposed to your poor attitude, ser.

  2. Damn. Been there, done that, never fun. Hope it’ll get better for you soon.

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