Uninspired Wednesday

Day 59. 216 pages, 103,708 words.

Wump came home from daycare yesterday determined to learn chess, and so I taught her.

We only had one set in the house, which was a novelty shot-glass set, so I filled that with milk and juice. The results were epic and adorable and occupied most of my night.

We played four games – the first led to a rookie two-king stalemate, two more I won, and Wump wouldn’t let us finish until she’d won a game[1]. It was still a stalemate ultimately but I convinced her it was all over. She picked the game up scary fast, although pawn movement and thinking a step ahead is obviously a bit of a challenge. She’s got an aggressive style and prefers the direct approach of just sending in her queen to murder everyone.

[1] Although when I’d caved and set up our fourth game, Wump opened herself up for a Fool’s Mate and so I won in two moves. I thought her head was going to explode.

It’s been a gamer week for us. Looking forward to playing again.

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One Response to Uninspired Wednesday

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Holy shit, that chess set blows my mind! One day, sir, we shall use it properly. This I am almost promising…details to follow…I hope.

    Was that cryptic enough?

    Anyway, I love chess, used to be awesome at it. I trained with Boris Kogan, a Russian grand-master, in high school. He thought I could have gone pro but I had too many interests. But my favorite single moment was at a chess camp playing simul with an American Master (I want to say his rating was over 2000 but I don’t know the exact number). He had stomped my other 5-6 fellow players twice before he beat me the first time…sweating by the end.[1]

    [1] No, I’m not a slow player ;P inb4 you quip that!

    Then, since he gave everyone else 2 games, he started a second with me, with everyone else watching. King’s pawn opening leading to a sacrifice that gives him a great positioning dangerous to me if I take it (it’s a common opening result for this scenario, I think but can’t recall for sure), but I saw the danger immediately.

    He saw I wasn’t going to fall for it, so he offered me $20 to take it.

    I made the wise business decision XD best chess game ever.

    But you and me, and those shot glasses make me see more than three…would be a new best.

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