Friday Blog Entry (Type C)

Day 54. 194 pages, 92,280 words.

Writing going well, and Molran has hit Amazon shelves, although I think the versions are still stabilising. Oh, and someone found a typo already. Bastards. This, after I already delayed publishing to set a new doc interior, because Mrs. Hatboy found a typo in the Blogger’s Note (the eds didn’t read that so it’s not their fault, but the ones in the doc itself…).

Ah well, all is fine. And my second full week at the new job has gone most excellently.


Intended with love and respect and in humour, for both my current and former highly satisfying jobs.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Hatboy departs early in the morning for a few days in London with her sister, and I will be looking after the girls while she frets and worries. Poor thing deserves some time off.

Should be fun, but I can’t promise to have much writing time.

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