Con Man

Day 51. 183 pages, 86,395 words.

Just a quick note today, as usual.

You may not have been aware, but after the tragic death of Firefly, actor Alan Tudyk and his buddy Nathan Fillion have spent a lot of time on the convention circuit.

Mrs. Hatboy and I actually met Mr. Fillion in Perth last year, it occurred to me that I don’t geekboast about that enough.

Tudyk decided to make a series of short episodes about his convention experiences, and he crowdfunded it. Mrs. Hatboy donated to the cause, and we got e-viewing rights as a result. We never really got that off the ground, but now the blu-ray is out and we watched the whole thing in one sitting.

It’s very much based on real life. A little too closely, in the case of the half-season-long Spectrum series that psychological transference makes me think looks pretty damn great. And there’s a bunch of extras that we haven’t watched yet (the SFX mini-feature, usually pretty boring despite the cool tech, was spiced up with some creative comedy). And the cameos, and relatable con-moments, were amazing.

Con Man smacked heavily of that Warwick Davis mockumentary I reviewed a while back, but nowhere near as painful on account of Ricky Gervais not being anywhere near it. And Tudyk’s acting range – particularly his voice acting – is very impressive.

Well worth a look.

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2 Responses to Con Man

  1. dreameling says:

    For a microsecond there I almost rebooted in shock, because I read “but after the tragic death of Firefly actor Alan Tudyk”.

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