Thursday and going strong

Day 46. 162 pages, 75,471 words. I did get a little sit-down time last night but not in the mornings yet.

Molran is in review and I should be able to order proof copies today. Probably won’t wait for them to arrive before publishing, since the editors’ drafts looked fine and all I have done since then is improve things.

I’d intended to have the book release party on the 18th of June but I think I will bump it to July. There won’t be time for people to order, receive and read the book (e-book notwithstanding, I have also shipped the requisite pieces off to my e-bookery guru Lucas “Mister C” Thorn for consideration) before the party, and that hardly seems fair in terms of the quiz.

Because, you know, people other than my editors actually read the book in preparation for the quiz.

Nuts considerably improved.

I wanted to add a gif (of my book covers, not the nuts), will have to work on that. It’s in my image library but I can’t access that (thanks WordPress for Windows Phone) while away from my PC, and won’t be doing it on my work computer.

Here we go, this should work:

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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4 Responses to Thursday and going strong

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Awesome montage! So glad to hear about your balls! The news, I mean. Hope they continue to improve!

    Fun side note: I told Marta you took a picture of your balls at work and after a good laugh, she said she hoped you didn’t send me the picture. -.-

    She hardly knows ye! Or me!

  2. brknwntr says:

    Windows puhelin on paljon paskaa

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