Friday, sometime in the … you know the line

Day 42. 133 pages, 60,943 words. Sigh.

I started this blog over 11 years ago, a few days into my first office job when I realised I had a lot of reading and acclimatising to do, and a long time to do it. Seven and a half hours of sitting is a long time!

So I started the blog on, I believe, my first Friday at Lionbridge, or BGS I suppose it was back then.

Seems only right that now, first Friday at Planmeca, I … well, write another ramblin’ blog post. With a little shout-out to that first one. And a brand shiny new category, since I think I might be making a few of these.

I thought I would get up early and get the next book in better shape today, but I’m still a bit shattered from the operation, bruised and uncomfortable. I want to give myself a few good nights’ sleep before getting into the early bird routine again.

Still, I’m getting a bit done here and there.

In the meantime, achingly yours,

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3 Responses to Friday, sometime in the … you know the line

  1. brknwntr says:

    I liked this, simply because I know how proud you were of that picture, and nobody have validated it yet.

    This explanation invalidates my validation.

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