For the Horde, Part 1

Day 31. 128 pages, 58,328 words.

Sometimes my fancy takes to flight
My mind’s eye taking wing
I picture young folk raised to fight
Young voices chant and sing.

A force both daunting and well-trained
Would march upon our foes
All would surrender, fearing pain
From a multitude of blows.

In time, my mighty army
Might have conquered by the sword
A raging sea of warriors
A murder-dealing horde.

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9 Responses to For the Horde, Part 1

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Maybe this “mind’s eye” of which you speak isn’t a good thing….

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    I shall add a poem…”poem” of…not my own, to both entertain, empathize with earlier blog posts, and provide a news update. From one of my most favorite bands ever, back when I had favorite bands.

    Maybe it would be fun
    To get a new opinion
    Get a little work done [1]
    And forget

    Maybe it would be cool
    If I rocked it old school
    Try to break a gold rule
    And a sweat

    Better than the first time
    Better than the worst time
    If I could just reverse time
    I’d be set

    Testing 1,2,3
    Can anybody hear me?
    If I shed the irony
    Would anybody cheer me?
    If I acted less like me
    Would I be in the clear?[2]

    She got a new apartment [3]
    It’s out on the escarpment [4]
    And in her glove compartment
    Are my songs

    She hasn’t even heard them
    Since she found out what the words meant
    She decided she preferred them
    All wrong

    Kind of like the last time
    With a bunch of really fast rhymes
    If we’re living in the past I’m
    Soon gone

    [1] Yeah wouldn’t it?

    [2] Anyone else think that or is it just me?

    [3] We, not she. And it’s a condominium.

    {4] It’s not. But it is right next to an awesome Town Center [5]

    [5] The end.

    • stchucky says:


      [1] Yeah, let me know what it feels like.

      [2] Let’s all just assume I’m acting like me, instead of trying desperately to fit in.

      [3] NICE! The one with the big room?

      [4] Escarpments suck.

      [5] Well played.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Yeah well take back points 3-4. After 60 days on the market and lowering the price Sunday night, we acted immediately and made a strong offer. 24 hours later, our realtor was given 1 hour to get in touch with us because the guy now apparently received a cash offer and wanted to take it. So send him our best offer quick quick come on come on outbid a number you don’t even know you have 45 minutes now. What are you waiting for???

        Incredibly shady. We missed the window anyways because our realtor was at the gym (it was 7pm, to be fair to him, and this is just not How Things Are Done), and maybe that’s for the best because this is ridiculous, out of a fucking movie or something, and I smell a con…but still it hurts. We’re reeling. Nothing else we’ve seen we wanted even remotely as much as this place.

        And we’ve sold our house already. We’re homeless in 5 weeks and 2 days.

      • stchucky says:

        Ahhh, holy shit man, that sucks. And yeah, I don’t know if that’s 88% shady or 97% shady.

        It could be an agent’s ploy to up the price, but that’s a dodgy ploy. “Oh yeah, we got a higher offer in cash…”

        Or it could be a straight-up con to get a pile of cash in your hands and from your hands into the con artist’s hands.

        But I’m sure you don’t want to analyse this shit right now, and have way too much on your mind already to worry about reporting him and starting a legal clusterfuck. Just … shit, man. My thoughts are with you. Hope you find something else you like, this whole thing stinks.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Thanks man. Yeah, probably just going to move on 100% as soon as we can, psychologically. But part of me does wonder what the fuck is the Real Story.

      • stchucky says:

        And for damn good reason, on both counts.

      • dreameling says:

        Holy hell, dude, that sucks ass. And that last-minute cash bid sounds indeed shady (although I guess there could always be a perfectly rational explanation).

        Do you have a backup plan for when your house goes? Family, relatives, rental near by?

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        “Holy hell, dude, that sucks ass. And that last-minute cash bid sounds indeed shady (although I guess there could always be a perfectly rational explanation).”

        Thanks man, and I suppose there could be, but it was a confluence of events that seem terribly coincidental. And I generally don’t believe in coincidences. If something has a 1% chance of happening randomly, and it happens, someone probably orchestrated it. Well, that sounds conspiratorial, that choice of word. Well, fuck it.

        In case it was a con and the owner comes back to us, I’m trying to come up with something, maybe you writers can help me. I know I’ve read examples before. What’s the funniest “clean” way you can think of to say “go fuck yourself”?

        So far I’ve gotten to something like “tell him to perform a typically impossibly reproductive act involving only his body”….

        “Do you have a backup plan for when your house goes? Family, relatives, rental near by?”

        No backup plan and oh by the way our 2nd and 3rd choices went under contract that same day and then next morning. So we put in an offer on the 4th choice… Grr. we didn’t HAVE to move…but the top 3 were really nice downsizes that would feel good and save money. The 4th…well less so but still somewhere in that zone.

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