Post where I say “ugh”

Day 11. 84 pages, 37,034 words.


Well, the good news is, the book is going splendidly. If I keep up this pace (please note, I won’t), I’ll be done by Day 30. I was sort of expecting the books to get easier and faster as I got towards the end because I had so much of them plotted out, but this is beyond projections.

Losing my job sort of helped, but the truth is, I’ve been busier since losing my job than I have been in years. Looking for work, applying and doing questionnaires and assignments for recruiters, and this thesis I’m checking, that turned out to be way more work than I expected. I didn’t quite nail the editing level I should have been going for, and as a result I did a lot of rewriting on the first 60 pages or so that I shouldn’t have done.

Apparently University English has evolved since I was doing my Bachelor of Arts, and now it is enormously complex and practically impossible for a layman to understand. And that’s cool – I think by the time you’re writing a PhD thesis, you should be talking at a level your interviewers will understand but not necessarily the head-scratching BA Language Validator who’s running through looking for stray Finglishisms.

Anyway, it’s fun and a very interesting read. I don’t suppose I can say much more than that. Oh, and it pays reasonably well – the university takes a huge bite in fees but my employer generously agreed to pay those separately because it wasn’t part of our agreement, and the tax office takes a whopping bite in the mid-30 percent bracket, but I guess I’ll get to claim on that and oh well, it’s all moolah in the bank.

Yesterday was pretty frustrating, but only because I didn’t get much work done and I have this job interview looming over me today. More info later. Oh, and Toop decided to have a flail on the couch and kicked a plate of (thankfully warm, not hot) porridge all over herself, just to end my day on a high note. I had to excuse myself and go to sit in the sauna for a while to cool off.

I could do that, because the sauna was switched off.

Bring on Tuesday, motherfuckers!

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10 Responses to Post where I say “ugh”

  1. dreameling says:

    So you have nothing to do at LB right now? Which is to say that LB is, in effect, partly paying for you writing The Final Fall of Man? That’s brilliant.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    At least you have a sauna….

  3. brknwntr says:

    My windshield wipers stopped working today (pauses for everyone to look out the window at the nonstop 10 hour rain storm outside) and refuse to be fixed. Because windshield wipers are made by bastards.

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