So, Futurama ended.

This was actually a couple of years ago now, but I only just got to it. And there’s always a reasonable chance that it’s going to continue – this is the fourth time they’ve written a specifically-intended “final episode”[1], and there’s no reason this, too, can’t be a false alarm upon which another season or ten can be built.

futurama (3)

I mean, they did manage to come back from this, within the episode. so anything’s possible.

[1] The other three being The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings, where Fry plays his holophonor symphony for Leela; Into the Wild Green Yonder, where the movie-slash-season ends with their disappearance into a wormhole; and Overclockwise, where Bender shows Fry and Leela the story of their future.

Still, two and a half years and there’s still no real sign of a revival, so maybe it really is over this time.

Meanwhile was a cute episode. It didn’t give me the sniffles like the classic Jurassic Bark episode…

futurama (2)

God damn you, Seymour.

…or Cold Warriors

futurama (1a)

“Now bundle up. I don’t want you getting frozen.”

…but it was nice. Preposterous science-fantasy as always, but nice. I won’t go into a full analysis of what paradoxes happened and who would remember what and how exactly any of it worked, but it was a cute story. If it has to end there, let it end.

And if not? Well, that’s good too.

futurama (final)

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