Reading Time with Edpool, Episode 3

Day 72. 229 pages, 114,551 words. Another weekend away from the rig but I will be getting as much writing done as possible.

Here’s Part 3 in my mad editor alter ego’s sizzling new Web series.

Actually pretty darn smooth this time. No mask-pulls, only a couple of stumbles (and that was mostly just a couple of pauses to think do I want to start recording again over that slight fuck-up?), and then when I took the spandex off at the end, I didn’t even rip any hair out. I had to re-shoot it because I had too many apps open on my computer while recording the first time, which weirdly made the recording go down an octave and gave me a Satan-voice. Which was funny, but it also skipped a second or two of recording here and there and made the whole thing impossible to understand. So.

Anyway, that’s my Saturday. Over to you, Gary.

*waits for Gary, who is a no-show like basically every blog post I’ve made since 2005*

Fuck you, Gary.

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