A Private Sector Service Announcement

Day 71. 229 pages, 114,525 words.

Screw it, here’s my latest marketing attempt. Happy Friday, everyone!

This is a heavily-edited version of a far more benign and helpful piece of marketing I helped write (and for which I did the voice-over) for my beloved employers. I was a little disappointed in the results, because after asking me to make it more interesting they then went on to tone back a lot of the most interesting stuff.

Now, that was actually entirely sane and intelligent of them, don’t get me wrong. The proper ad, which I hope is going to be publically available, is sincere and quite serious.

I just felt the need to tone it forward again for this parody.

And this is why I should be in marketing.

Call me.

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3 Responses to A Private Sector Service Announcement

  1. dreameling says:

    Even better with the specific button example.

    I wish I had a company so I could buy my marketing from you.

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