Guest Meow: Astro Tramp and the Giant Cat

I don’t think I’ve ever reblogged, but this is certainly a worthy cause! I appreciate the plug.

Good Cat / Bad Cat Protocol

Astro Tramp and the Giant Cat

That’s right, a bonus comic. I’ve been thinking about featuring some lesser-known authors and artists in my blog, for example independent authors, authors I know personally, or other authors whose work I generally have an opinion on. I’ve so far decided against it, because this comic blog is not a review magazine, but then I thought, hey, why not squeeze in a random feature comic now and then instead? I already did Star Wars — and Barbapapa, of all the things, right?

So, here is another authorial guest meow. This one was done as a present for my friend, author Mr. Andrew Hindle. This makes better sense to you if you’ve read at least the first book of his science fiction series The Final Fall of Man[1]. Suffice it to say that his writing and his ideas are excellently intriguing, and if his characters could voice an…

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5 Responses to Guest Meow: Astro Tramp and the Giant Cat

  1. You’re welcome. 🙂 Also, I’m not sure how appropriate it is to hit Like on a reblog of my own post, but I decided to do it anyway.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    LOL! Aw, I’m sure you did your best, Cat! XD

    The Contro will rule us all one day.

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