Interlude: Sleepy Sunday

Day 66. 210 pages, 103,826 words. No progress, but I’ve got high hopes for the weekend.

Resting on my laurels a little after yesterday, whether you think that’s warranted or not. The Hell with it, I had a great time and now I’m just going to relax.

Nothing much to report. I see myself missing the first-draft deadline on this book but I sill live in hope. Just the final push to write now so it should work out nicely.

Here are some metrics.

metrics (17)

Flatlining a little over the past few days, because insanely busy and being stupid.

And here’s a little chapter-by-chapter-so-far breakdown that you may find fun.

metrics_molran_representation (2)

Yes, that’s a little tiny Captain wedge in there! As well as a big solid Misc wedge, because I still haven’t bothered to differentiate.

There is a nice big section of “new” characters in this book, but don’t worry – you know some of them already and the section is, like the one in Blaran, a bit of a flashback to earlier days. So it doesn’t matter a huge amount who these people are – just what they are doing.

So, that’s Sunday.

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2 Responses to Interlude: Sleepy Sunday

  1. brknwntr says:

    For a moment I thought that was a massive Glomulus wedge and got happy.

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