Interlude: Random thoughts

Day 54. 173 pages, 85,481 words.

Feeling a little frazzled but I was able to muster these random thoughts for today.

  1. Neither our way of categorising animals in the natural world, nor the advent of software version control terminology, has been particularly kind to the Betafence brand. It started out as a brilliant way of saying “better fence” and that was great advertising, but it quickly became “not an alpha fence” or “a fence that’s still got a few bugs in.”
  2. God is cruel to Finnish dyslexics. This is a lot deeper and more witty if you say it in Finnish.
  3. I have a lot of very clever and responsible USian friends. I can honestly say that some of my best friends are USian (so I totally can’t be racist, right? Isn’t that how it works with the best friends thing?). But damn. Your country is a hot mess. Get your shit together, because this guy is on target to be your next President.

No, not John Oliver. Although you could do worse than to put a Brit back in charge at this point.

It’s not even a joke anymore, guys. I’ve seen a few really, really clever and politically active friends making impassioned pro-Sanders speeches re: primaries and nominations and the general election. All that stuff. Making speeches to their smart friends. And it still always turns into an argument where “have to vote for someone likely to win” and “not voting for X = a vote for Y” are apparently things.

How does this become an argument? How are those points in the argument actually things? How has this murderous loser come so close to the nuke button? Why are you smart people still trying to convince anybody that the two-party system is broken? They don’t understand you, smart people. What you smart people should be doing is planning the armed insurrection against the government that it is your duty as citizens to lead when the Republicans win. You will need to overthrow them and stamp their raging xenophobic bullshit fire down for another hundred and fifty-one years.

I know, they have most of the guns, but they’re also really, really thick. I’m talking thickness that’s so thick, it’s essentially height. They’re thick. And terrible at planning. And they can’t actually use the guns. So, yeah. You need to start thinking about Plan B, because Plan A is too dependent on both your political system and your fellow citizens not being shitted up beyond all recognition.

Your democracy is useless. Stop exporting it until you get it right.

I could say more about it but I really don’t want to get into politics. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens next, and by “interesting” I mean “a fucking three-ring circus with Lobster-Boy (and other freaks)”. Damn you guys put on a show.

It’s going to be an abomination and we’re all going to die, but what a show.

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23 Responses to Interlude: Random thoughts

  1. I’ve been worried about what’ll happen in post-Obama US, knowing that the tide would turn, since that’s how these things seem to work. It’s just gearing up to be even worse than I feared. -.-

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      THIS. And I hope Hatboy is right about a three-ring circus, because I hope Bernie can run for President as an Independent if he doesn’t win the corrupt, rigged Democratic primaries. Where the preferred candidate of black Americans is the one who called their kids “super predators” and used the phrase “hard working white people” against Obama in 2008.

      If Bernie is allowed, and why wouldn’t he be other than more rigging of the elections, to run as Independent next, I think he will clean up and be our next President and this horrible nightmare will end.

      I’m especially mad at Elizabeth Warren for not endorsing Bernie, for not talking about being his VP. It’s too late now, but given her anti-Wall Street stance, there is no WAY she’s not on Bernie’s side. She could have swung a lot of women, and in my opinion Bernie’s losing should be partly blamed on Elizabeth Warren standing to the side. Evil triumphs when good women stand aside and do nothing.

      I am completely convinced now that Hillary would lose to Trump. I’m disgusted with anyone who thinks Bernie is less electable. And that includes both my parents, sadly.

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      Holy shit did you see that Bill Clinton campaigned right inside Massachusetts polling stations, illegally? Here’s the video and then the petition, sign if you are disgusted as I am!

      • stchucky says:

        Yeah, those Facebook friends I mentioned are all fired up about it. What a gangbang of the democratic process this is turning into. Not sure how much heft a dirty furriner like yours truly might have on that petition, but I’ll take a look. I feel like I have a stake in this because of the “world” in “World War III.”

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Apparently Bill Clinton created a FOUR HOUR delay at one polling place!

      • stchucky says:

        Signed the petition and shared it around. And I kinda like Bill Clinton. I mean, Bush senior is about the first US President I actually remember, but Clinton was the one I remember best from my teenage years. He seemed like a good guy and there were no wars, and the whole sex scandal thing was lame. But this, now, seems to have fallen apart into him just perverting the course of democracy and standing in the way of real progress.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Yeah, in what I now think of as my naive days, I also liked Bill Clinton. Now I’m seeing that truly 90% of politicians are horrible people. In the US at least. Republicans are more like 99% horrible, but Democrats are 81% so it averages out.

      • stchucky says:

        Let’s hope Bernie gets a chance to see if absolute power[1] corrupts absolutely. I think he’d do alright. He’s been at this for a while.

        [1] Or, you know, whatever power the President actually has.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Now I’m picturing Bernie as Jafar from Aladdin once he gets his wish to be a genie… LOL thanks for that!

      • stchucky says:

        Teeny tiny living space.

      • stchucky says:

        Can we also just take a moment to acknowledge that the Onion saw all this coming back when Obama was first re-elected?–30284

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        “Can we also just take a moment to acknowledge that the Onion saw all this coming back when Obama was first re-elected?–30284

        I’m not saying anything, I;’m just saying….

        also known as

        Holy shit you went there!

      • stchucky says:

        I did not understand this comment.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        “I did not understand this comment.”

        I got a 404 not found, which I thought was an error, so I tried to remember the story you were referring to and I thought it was the one with the flaming/shrieking sphere of death as US president, or whatever it was. And comparing Hillary to that….

        I think I missed your reference and subbed something wrong in it’s place, is what I’m saying here.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    Also, I was amused (And worried) at how worked up SargonofAkkad got over the Donald Drumpf thing. As I might have said, he seems more and more right-wing to me the more he talks, and this was no exception. And I was heartened to see his 2 videos (two!) made without editing, just ranting, were far more disliked than any of his videos in recent history.

    But then, at the end of the second video, he said Hillary should drop out, everyone on the left should support Bernie, and hopefully he can win and prevent us from being run by a “dictator”. So I guess he didn’t stutter there!

    And he earns my viewership for a bit longer. I wonder if he understands how he has been making the right-wing strong with some of his videos.

    • stchucky says:

      Whoa, so he got mad about Drumpf … in what way? I guess his political views are in the right place as far as we’re concerned, but of course not all socialisty liberal-types are going to be even remotely politically correct or social justice warriory. Takes all types.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Well, here’s the thing. Your question of “in what way” he got mad is easy to answer, and yet it isn’t because what he said was bothering him just seemed…not enough to be bothering him! First, I should tell you while he says he watches and “likes” Oliver, I think he views Oliver as a bit of an SJW. I couldn’t possibly say…sadly I’ve only watched a little (I think I’m still depressed from losing John Stewart, can’t seem to watch political comedy anymore) but I didn’t detect much that would indicate that. So I wonder if what really bothers him is that he sees Trump as anti-PC, and Sargon is anti-PC, so stop attacking my bruh! Or something like that.

        As for what he SAID, it was “you’re attacking him in the very ways that have made him strong! It won’t work!” and arguments along those lines and to back that up. Again not having seen the Drumpf clip, which I’ll remedy soon, I couldn’t comment. So he could be overly worked up because he wants Trump to win, OR because he actually doesn’t want Trump to win but instead he wants “us” to “learn” so we can stop creating Trump candidates.

        It’s really hard to say! But he said he was mad because that segment and ones like it will only make Trump stronger.

      • stchucky says:

        Oh yeah, I definitely think Trump is immune to reality-based bring-downs, and any attention anyone gives him just adds to his influence. Nobody’s talking about the others. It’s part of the reason I think The Young Turks and the big comedy news teams (who have long since supplanted actual USian journalism) want to just ignore him … but they can’t, because he’s a platinum-plated dumpster fire of comedy gold.

        But what you say here makes sense, considering the little I know about Sargon (who I’m very wary of). The dude’s making an issue about something that isn’t really an issue. Which, to be fair, is sort of a requirement of a vlogger’s product.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Very true, as we know so well, ignoring trolls is almost always the correct course.

        Yeah, I haven’t added this to an email exchange with you yet, but I’ve really started soul-searching whether Sargon is really a liberal or not (as hinted in my last comment here). I was actually just about to stick a fork in it, on Monday, when some of his videos won me back for the short term but he’s still on probation. I’ve really started wondering if he’s really just not a good person. I don’t know if that’s fair, it’s probably not, but he seems to completely ignore how much he helps the right wing.

        And I know, that’s not really a reason not to speak “truth to power” or whatever, you can’t worry about who you’re helping, but…*I* can worry about who you’re helping, surely? You = Sargon here, obviously.

        I think that bottom line, he’s ignorant of the power in American politics right now. No true liberal would be so ignorant if they had the facts. So…. And it didn’t help that he admitted he wants Bernie to win not because of a “most good” argument, but a “least harm” argument. He rightly dubbed Hillary a corporatist, and Trump an authoritarian (but anyone who doesn’t think he’s ALSO a corporatist is an idiot), but he also called Bernie a “communist”! Seriously, didn’t you tell me Bernie’s just a standard liberal in most Western countries? I guess does that exclude England? Or should Sargon know better even if he only knows British politics?


        Well, Bernie did awesome yesterday. I have a LOT of hope now that we can CHANGE this country, for real this time. No more pocket change.

  3. aaronthepatriot says:

    “Teeny tiny living space.”


    Itty bitty living space! Yes! I finally got to correct YOU on a quote from a movie/tv show! A dream has come real!

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