Interlude: The Battle of Big Oil

Day 52. 161 pages, 78,603 words. Sorry, still an interlude – I apologise for the misleading little play in the title there, but I’m still chipping away.

I couldn’t find this video on YouTube, but a buddy of mine put it up on Facebook and I figured what the heck, might as well make it my Sunday post since I won’t have time to write anything on the PC. I will, however, hopefully be able to write plenty on Mopho Cake III.

Check it out. I think that there is interesting, heartening stuff. Don’t you?

I don’t have much to add to the video, except that Mrs. Hatboy and I have been hoping to get an electrical car “when our current one breaks for good” for the past car-and-a-half, but they’re still too expensive and yeah, not enough infrastructure for them. But that is changing. I’ve seen a plug-in point at a local mall parking hall. Prices are dropping. It will get better.

And in the meantime our Volvo, despite the occasional embarrassing wheelfart or exhaust pipe malfunction, doesn’t look like breaking anytime soon. Maybe we’ll be able to jump on the bandwagon before 2020. It’s not far off, you know!

Shit. It’s not far off at all.

I hope that Big Oil will realise when it’s time to cut and run, and doesn’t take the environment with it when it goes. I hope the less developed nations start to get their shit together. I mean, I remember Nokia saying “if we can sell a cheap, simple mobile phone to everyone in India…” and they basically did – the Symbian operating system sold pretty darn well and their simpler phones get big play in India and a lot of African countries. If the gas-guzzlers in India and China stop using petrol and go with electric, that will be the end of a lot of our problems.

Big Oil needs to fuck off, though. Because right now, it seems like human greed is getting in the way. But what else is new?

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