Interlude: What starts with an ugh and ends with a sheesh?

Day 48. 154 pages, 75,154 words.


Yeah, it’s another one of those days.

I overslept today. Toop kept on crying in the night. Not hysterically – she’d always stop once we went in to shush her – but on again / off again from about midnight onwards. Mrs. Hatboy took the brunt of the get-up-and-shush duty, although I tried a couple of times and of course woke up every time. I ended up switching off my alarm clock and muttering “screw it.”

I think Toop eventually ended up in bed with us from about six onwards. I wound up sleeping until eight, then had to go and change tyres on the car, and by that stage it was well and truly time to start work and I won’t have any spare time at all today. First thing that happened when I started work was that I got an e-mail saying someone in Kallithea, Greece had tried to log into my Gmail account, so I had to run around tweaking my security.


Oh well. Let’s just get to the end of this week in one piece and see what happens next. One day at a time, steady does it.

Holy shit, I haven’t even had any coffee today. And now it’s after 12:30 and if I have coffee it’ll keep me awake all night.


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4 Responses to Interlude: What starts with an ugh and ends with a sheesh?

  1. brknwntr says:

    Can I be helpful and suggest it was a Syrian terrorist who snuck in through the too lax borders of Greece, and was attempting to hack your Gmail to learn secret crane plans at global harbors? Or is no coffee Hatboy not in the mood today?

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    Wow, accept my sympathies from afar, man…that really sucks! The worst we have now is occasional moodiness at bedtime that we worry, based on experience, will turn into something worse. But she’s mostly over that stage now!

    How reliable are those login attempt emails? I usually ignore them, because when I don’t they turn out to be phishing scams.

    • stchucky says:

      Well, it came from Google, so unless they’re really super-hacked and we’re all screwed, I would call it pretty reliable. I’m not sure how a phisher would benefit from me changing my password through my normal Google / Gmail channels. If they do benefit from that, then again – screwed.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        So strange, as I said this has never happened to me and I guess I can’t figure out why an American wouldn’t get hacked when some unknown author, with a name that sounds made up, in some backwater country gets hacked. I’m pretty pissed right now! Am I not important enough for someone in Greece to hack me? WTF!

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