Night of the Living Deadpool: Prelude 3

Day 36. 116 pages, 54,871 words.

No, I still didn’t get a chance to write anything today. But that’s alright, because it’s time to leave for the weekend and after that it’s time to take off for my week of winter vacation.

I’m going to try to maintain a bit of a routine, and do some writing every day. At least the blog and the book need attention, but I may not be able to get onto the PC, it will be done by phone. Total word counts may lag or I may just not update them at all, then take a jump on the 21st of Feb.

Mrs. Hatboy is not on vacation (she gets her vacation the week after, which was just brilliant lack of planning), so we’ll have to keep to a routine to get her off to work and the kids delivered to grandma’s. So that’s something.

For tonight, though, it’s Deadpool time!

Photos to come.

Then, tomorrow, it’s time for a special birthday event at Bar Äijä’s. Photos to come.

That’s it for now.

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5 Responses to Night of the Living Deadpool: Prelude 3

  1. Looking forward to the impending Deadpool review!

    Hope you have a good vacation.

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      Winter vacation…in Finland. Sounds too cold for me, so I’ll send my hopes along as well for a good vacation! LOL

      • stchucky says:

        Meeeh, it’s barely snowing here right now and is decidedly above freezing so the snow is turning to mush on the ground. Good week for nursing a hangover.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    Are you going in your Deadpool outfit? Apologies if you said in one of your other Deadpool spa–err, blogs….

    • stchucky says:

      Heh, I may have just let it be a naturally assumed given. I will also be handing out copies of Arsebook with my business card in them, because while I may not be the only ‘Pool, I will probably be the only one to have actually beaten cancer.

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