Interlude: My Weekend, and Stuff What Done Happened During it

Day 32. 109 pages, 51,792 words.

I had a great weekend in general, and a brilliant one for writing. I think the second and third parts of the book are going to go faster since they’re mostly planned out, but I’m halfway to my deadline and I’ve just about finished Part One of Molran. I think that’s about where I was for Blaran at the same point. But let’s see how we go. No real rush.

Sadly, today I am going to be busy and in fact most of this week I am going to be rushed off my feet with assorted preparations. Next week, though, is a week off. Woo!

Had gangs of fun piling wood on Saturday, but unwound with a sauna afterwards. Then on Sunday, I spent a pleasant hour and a half writing on my phone while playing taxi service for Wump’s dance rehearsal. After that, the BRKNs and Bella came around to share a little movie (and a huge pile of food) with us.

The movie, 1989’s Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (or Hyvää ruokahalua! in Finnish), was … really something you should watch for yourself. I’m not going to review it so much here. I will, however, say that Bill Maher has never been funnier and I can’t believe he doesn’t bring this movie up more in conversation.


Not photoshopped. Or even screencapped all that well.

Also, it’s funny to see that the issue of male emasculation-fear and toxic feminism is as pressing and valid today as it was in 1989.

No, seriously. The issue has not actually gotten any closer to – or farther from – a resolution in the past twenty-seven years.


The movie did, however, star Cretak from Deep Space Nine. Worth watching just for that.

Straight after this movie, amusingly, Mrs. Hatboy and I started to watch season 2 of Agent Carter, which I think is working more solidly than the first season. The amusing part is, in this season she moves to the Los Angeles branch – and the first thing Jarvis warns her about when she arrives? “They eat avocados here.”

The universe is a silly place.

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9 Responses to Interlude: My Weekend, and Stuff What Done Happened During it

  1. brknwntr says:

    I’m up to episode 4 of Season 2. It’s progressing nicely, but I feel like the characters are…. less formed somehow. The things that made them likeable and attractive in season 1 feel toned down. Idk, perhaps I was just too tired when watching.

    • stchucky says:

      Haven’t seen enough to make up my mind yet, although it’s true that Carter was sort of defined, in season 1, by her struggle to make it in a man’s world. Since season 1 ended with her essentially being accepted as an equal badass in the eyes of the hegemony, any use of that character development issue seems like backtracking, but both the male and female characters do come off as a bit bland without it. Moving her to a new location helped, but also made it seem like a bit of “oh shit, we wrote out that one characteristic we had, let’s throw an ‘…IN SPACE!’ at the end of her character description[1] and see if that fixes it” had happened.

      [1] Or in this case, “…IN CALIFORNIA!”.

      I’m also not sure where they’re headed with the love triangles. It seems to undermine her independence when she has (had) the physicist dude to sort-of-maybe-will-I-won’t-I about, and also the new chief of the L.A. office to have the whole oh-no-he-went-and-got-a-girlfriend thing with. It cheapens his whole relationship with the nurse, and also makes me wonder how Carter’s pining over Captain America is going to play out.

      I’m all for her moving on. You can have relationships without losing your “strong female character” aspect. And we know (I think, I seem to recall) that Carter had moved on and had children and grandchildren by the time Cap is visiting her in the hospital in Winter Soldier.

      • brknwntr says:

        She did indeed have children. In at least one comic storyline she married Bucky, but Winter Solider sort of wrote that out. And I’m not sure how far along you are but the physicist has more issues in his way than being black in the 40’s. I’m hoping it picks up, but it feels like its struggling now. I havn’t watched this season of SHIELD for the same reason. I will watch it when the whole season is out, just to catch up, but the end of last season really lost interest for me.

  2. Kjay says:

    Hi Andrew, couldn’t quite get into Agent Carter. Certainly a lot of hype prior to the start of season 1, but a bit quiet for season 2. Might give it another go when there is bugger all else to watch.
    Also I’ve just finished Eejit, took me a while to get used to your style, but I enjoyed the ride. About to start Drednanth which sounds very interesting.
    42C in your old home town today, same for tomorrow. I hope it’s a tad milder in Finland. 🙂
    Cheers mate..

    • stchucky says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say thank you … Geoffrey??

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story and I hope you enjoy the ride to come! plenty more stories on the way.

      As for Agent Carter, it’s not as good as some of the shows and movies, but we will watch everything Marvel creates, just to get that sweet, sweet backstory.

  3. thelinza says:

    I need to see this movie. It looks AWFUL.

  4. brknwntr says:

    Linza it is a beautiful disaster.

  5. brknwntr says:

    There is one copy in the public library system up in Kansas somewhere. Or at least there was 15 years ago.

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